Time clock calculator – A Software buddy to automate working hour’s calculations

A time clock calculator or Time card calculator is simple software that helps you in keeping a track of In-Out timing of your employees and to automate monthly wages calculations. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are in trend these days. We keep witnessing so many new businesses budding around us and creating new jobs for people. But as a startup as our business grows and we employ a good number of people as our business grows, it becomes a difficult task to calculate their wages and to manage their working hours, and this is the time when a good Time clock calculator come to our rescue.

These softwares can save us not just the effort but also justifies the wages calculated, managing working hours and break hours also becomes easy for employer, and also employing a good Time clock calculator reduces the chances of human error while invoicing the employees.


A software like this can also help a professional offering freelancing services, or people working on hourly wages, they can precisely calculate their working hours and hence their payment and can generate an automated invoice to share with their clients, and though we might not realize but little things like this add value to your services and improves your reputation among your clients and portray you as a very professional and sincere person.

Generally, large enterprises employ their own customized software to calculate payroll for their employees but getting customized software just for wages calculations cannot be feasible for small business owners or for freelancing professionals. In this case you can opt for various free or low cost options available in market and online to keep a track of your total work hours and overtime done by you or by your employees.

An automated process can be considered to be almost error proof as compared to manual process also its more efficient and takes very little less time and effort to manage your work hours. While using these time card calculators or time clock calculators, you should avoid making financial calculations and should only be relied upon calculating total work hours as there might be different standards for wages calculations and for overtime pay as per the state law or industry standards, you can edit the settings while using these software as per your convenience or salary cycle.

Though you might find a number of software but choose wisely and before deciding on any particular product, read reviews about it, also dummy calculations can also be done to ensure its efficiency in calculating as any error in calculations of work hours can make or break your reputation among your clients or employees.


And hey! Don’t forget to input break hours and fixed offs and holidays while you are setting up the software for your company or for yourself as per the state standards as these time card calculators are generic and are not preprogrammed for work hours and holidays which can be changed by user as per the standards.

While we are discussing the uses and advantages of using these softwares, we must not use these for payroll generation and/or for calculating the compensations, and one should strictly stick to only calculating total work hours using these softwares and must also cross-check randomly to ensure figures generated are correct. However some of the companies are also adding the features of calculating benefits, etc. so use them in case you need to calculate all the stuff.

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